Where I go when I’m not here…

At MamaPop, I made you hungry by talking about movies with lots of delicious looking food in them.

I told you about three, THREE, remakes/reworkings of Snow White.

And, as usual, I recapped Jersey Shore. Don’t judge me as a person just because I love to hate that show. We all have our vices, right?


At MoxieBird, I looked at a couple of less-than-surprising pieces of research. The first was that 50% of men would forgive an unfaithful female partner if they cheated on them with another woman.

The second took a closer look at the negative short and long term effects of energy drinks. They’re bad, people. Real bad.


At Studio 30 Plus, due to the overwhelmingly positive response, we had to expand The Sunday Spotlight and we’ve not got The Saturday Spotlight, as well!


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