Christmas, AMIRITE? It came, it went, and I forgot to take any pictures to prove it happened at all. I toted my camera everywhere I went and kept forgetting to actually use it. We have the photographs in our minds that show we were actually here and there, smiling and having a wonderful time. We have the gifts we received and the extra weight from festive chocolates and several turkey dinners as evidence of the last few days, and yet my camera card has but a few carefully staged shots taken as an after-thought.

But we were there, in the moment, concerned not with capturing our time on film, but with living it, enjoying it, absorbing it for ourselves. We went skating and visited with family, ate an obscene amount and opened some presents on Christmas Eve. Santa came and we tore through the gifts under our tree, visited some more, opened some more, and ate a whole lot on Christmas Day. The appropriately named Boxing Day was met with a mountain of boxes that needed to be emptied of their contents, broken down, and set out at the curb. And then we ate in excess once again.

Their lists to Santa required chapters, but the one thing, in the end, they REALLY wanted was a Dora Mermaid and Monster High dolls. Santa’s mom found a Monster High doll that looked almost un-hooker-like, sold it to Santa, and saved the day. Dora can change from regular girl to mermaid and was immediately changed back into regular girl status, leaving Santa wondering why it HAD to be a mermaid doll in the first place.

There are days between Christmas and New Year’s that we’ll fill with playing with our new toys, watching our new movies, and, you guessed it, eating our new treats. And then it will be all over for another year. The memories will stick around, some longer than others, and the most special of them will stay forever.

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