About Me

Maite Guerrero (that’s me) writes here about herself. Sometimes people in her family, sometimes strangers who strike her particularly amusing, and sometimes pictures of LOLcats, but only when she’s really desperate for content. And also, once in a while, she writes pieces of blood, sweat and tear-infused short fiction. Those are her favourite.

(Enough with the third person)

You can find me writing about pop culture and entertainment at MamaPop.

I judge people and what they do at MoxieBird.

I do some clickity click work at Studio 30 Plus.

I’m a bona fide Twitter-a-holic. Follow what I mumble about in 140 characters or less @JenO_Eh.

And last, and probably least, I’m reluctantly on The Facebook.

I have a day job, but I’m too exhausted to remember what it is.

Oh, and email. That’s me (at) maiteguerrero (dot) com. I love email, so send me some. DO IT