A feel sorry for myself kind of day

A coworker told me yesterday, in one of those moments that required wisdom, that we should never beat ourselves up about a mistake. Everyone makes them, even those don’t who want to admit it. Chances are, whatever mistake you’ve made can be corrected. It’s just a matter of sacking up and fixing it.

I’ve felt lately like all I’ve done is make mistakes. Poor decisions, inappropriate reactions, and mistakes. I’ve been going too fast or too slow or not at all, backward when I should have gone forward, looked down when I should have kept my head up, lost in my own thoughts when I should have been listening, yelling instead of speaking. I’ve been angry, just angry, and I have no idea why.

People stuff

I asked the Internet if they preferred an excerpt or a full post in their feed reader and the overwhelming majority said full post. So that’s cool. I just switched it because I’m pretty sure that’s probably why my stats and comments are down. If I were one to pay close attention to those things. Which I’m not.

I mean, I LOVE comments and I certainly don’t mind days that prove fruitful, hit-wise, it just isn’t something I bother myself with so much that I ever do much about. So I switched to full post and I expect a dramatic rise in pageviews and comments because whatever the Internet says, I believe. And if that doesn’t happen, my advertisers will be greatly disappointed.

You know what I’ve been thinking about? Besides people stuff? Actually, this IS people stuff, so I guess that’s the answer. People stuff. Specifically, babies should be ugly. There are too many people in the world, right? Probably because babies are cute.