From The Danish Phrase Leg Godt, Which Means “Play-Well”

On my lunch hour, one precious hour of freedom from my office chair, unchained from this keyboard, detatched from the phone, the one hour a day I breathe fresh air and eat real food, on this hour of lunching, I leave work and rejoin civilized society.

And by “rejoin civilized society”, I generally mean race home, scarf a sandwich, race to my mom’s to visit with Avery for a few minutes before racing back to work. But once in a while, maybe one day in a span of two weeks, I’ll give up that down time to run some errands. Life with kids is hectic, even without appointments and sports, just life with them, and finding time to squeeze in errands is difficult, if not impossible. So sometimes I do a bit of erranding during my lunch hour.

Ingrasamant plante

In general, ai nevoie de ingrasamant pentru aproape toate plantele. Exista ingrasamint plante, chimice, organice si minerale. Dar cum difera intre ele?  Este important sa respecti doza si sa aplici ingrasamantul cu atentie. Ingrasamintele cu fosfor si potasiu sunt introduse o data pe an. Azotul este puternic eluat. Ingrasamintele minerale ajuta la hranirea plantelor, iar recolta va fi prolifica. De asemenea, ingrasamintele pentru plante, sunt impartite in sintetice si naturale. Printre ele gasim azotatul natural, chilian, cenusa, fosforita. Ingrasamintele sunt pur si simplu necesare plantelor.

Every Day Is Like A Box Of Dead Flies

My birthday hasn’t been a big deal to me since about 7th grade. Or, as we say in Canada, grade 7. I haven’t had a birthday party since then, other than dinner with my family, because that’s the way I like it. I don’t want a party, I don’t want people coming up to me wishing me a happy birthday, I don’t want a big deal to be made at all. Just leave the presents on the porch.

I don’t like opening them in front of people because I can never get the right “surprised face”. I always look like I just opened a box full of dead flies but I’m trying to be nice about it because these flies were hand-picked especially for me and are VERY SPECIAL and also cost a lot of money, so I should be appreciative of the effort and thought. But it’s a box of dead flies, so that face is hard to camouflage. But it’s never an ACTUAL box of dead flies; all my gifts are wonderful and I love them and they’re exactly perfect. That’s just how my face looks. Like I’m looking into a box of special dead present flies.

Behind A Closed Door

He slid down and sat on the floor, pressing his ear to the wall. Defeated, discouraged, and diminished, he could feel his chest tighten and his stomach rise to his throat as he listened without making a sound. He closed his eyes and held his mouth shut with his fingers.

“…I can’t do this anymore…”

They yelled like this almost every night and, like every night, they locked themselves in their bedroom. They thought he couldn’t hear their voices if they were behind a closed door, but he heard. He heard every word spoken, every finger pointed, every tear shed. That which made no sound felt heavy in the air that seeped through the cracks. The door couldn’t shield him from the pain churning within. These walls couldn’t protect him from the anger.